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The ultimate praise in our business is recommendation – I would absolutely recommend The Cog unless you are one of our competitors in which case you can find your own!
Jerry Marwood

MD A F Blakemore

You always use the language the consumer does, keeping the insight real and in touch.

You’re great at presenting back to the Retailer and getting them involved along the way. I’ve not seen anyone else do this so well.
Richard Morris

Head of Trade Marketing, Cranswick Convenience Foods

It’s great to have an agency that gets right to the heart of shopper motivations and delivers true insight. Jules is fabulous with groups and truly knows what I need before I do.
Kim Burgess

Head of Markets, Addo Group

The relationship allows us to develop briefs together and trust enables us to rely on The Cog to support office functions which, as with all businesses today, are being stretched.
Jo Simmons

Marketing Manager, McCain Foods UK LTD

We use The Cog because they combine good customer understanding with sound commercial savvy and they tell it how it is vs what you want to hear!
Gill Stewart-Clarke

Ex-Head of Consumer Insight and Planning, Morrisons

Because they are keen to get as many of us client-side to benefit from interacting with consumers, whilst also adding value by their own conclusions so that the debrief is always more than the sum of our own experiences.
Annie Freel

McCain Foods (UK) Ltd

The Cog focus on what we need to do to get our shoppers to spend more and visit us more – clear insights, no fluff!
Susan Darbyshire

Brand Director, Spar

The Cog provide excellent insights in an easily understood format with real and practical solutions to grow our business.
Mark Brennan


The team of researchers at The Cog are approachable, passionate about understanding the consumer, driven to identify new opportunities and make projects fun and enjoyable.
Mary Pennel

Head of Marketing, Continental Fine Foods

Market research projects delivered by The Cog always come with a set of actionable insights. They get under the skin of the consumer and right to the heart of the issue, uncovering all sorts of gems along the way.
Carole Baker

Marketing Manager, Crediton Dairy

Very results orientated, with all the skill of a large company rolled into, well, Mike! Who understands that we want to sell our products and don’t want just a load of information.
Clive Britton

CP Foods