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Mike Armstrong

Senior level research and consulting experience with some of the UK’s biggest retail and food brands.

Mike is an expert in consumer and shopper research. In today's world of data overload, Mike's skill is to focus on what is really important and what will give his clients the greatest return! Mike has over 30 years of experience including time as Head of Marketing and Head of Sales at a large FMCG company.

Key Strength: Identifying the key issues and providing actionable solutions

Very results orientated with all the skill of a large company rolled into, well, Mike! He understands that we want to sell our products and don't want just a load of information.
Clive Britton

Commercial Director, CP Foods

Jules Greene

Innovative qualitative researcher who brings zest, vigour and knowledge to every project.

Jules is an outstanding moderator, facilitator and presenter who brings great passion and expertise to all her projects. Jules has lots of clientside experience with companies such as Cussons and Premier Biscuits, but her focus nowadays is developing innovative techniques to bring out better insights.

Key Strength: Innovative thinker who brings great passion to every project

I find that Julie has such a grasp on our business and product areas that she knows exactly what questions to ask to get at the information we need.
Carole Baker

Senior Marketing Manager, Crediton Dairy

Michelle Lunt

Michelle is our "Cog" – She is the person who ensures everything runs smoothly and on time at The Cog.

Her role is to ensure every project runs professionally and effectively with the minimum of hassle for our clients.

Key Strength: Unflappable ability to create order out of chaos

Michelle is like a graceful swan, always in control but paddling furiously under the water!
Susan Darbyshire

Brand Director, SPAR UK