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Winning Over The Shopper

The Cog are shopper and consumer experts so we know the challenges you face?

Successful products work for both the shopper and the consumer (who are often the same person just with different mindsets!)

What Do You Need To Do To Win Over The Shopper?

i)  Get them to the shop you want

For many years, one of our clients in the convenience sector used to say, “Our Fresh Meat is great quality but nobody is buying it”


Not on the list of stores I think of for Fresh Meat!

ii)  Get them to the right area in-store

Several years ago, Co-op were struggling to get consumers to come for Tonight’s Tea so they ran a series of offers focused on just tackling this - their Meal Deals were cracking value and big enough to feed a family and, more importantly, got customers to think chilled as an option at the Co-op

iii)  Ensure they see you on shelf?

However, you can stand out, then consider it

  “Funny name but I noticed it

  “Very strong colours”

  “Different shape”

  “Looks artisan/hand-made”

  “On offer!”

iv)  Make sure it tastes great

Getting them to buy once is a poor result for a food product, repeat purchase is the key!

If your product is good quality, they’ll buy it again.