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Why Does So Much NPD Fail?

This is a perennial questions amongst food marketeers and there are many answers.

  • It is a poor idea!
  • It looks good but doesn’t work so I won’t buy again
  • It works but looks poor so I won’t buy it to try
  • The research consultancy doesn’t want to tell the client it is a rubbish idea! (This won’t happen at The Cog - in a recent debrief, “utterly rejected” was how we described one concept!)
  • We got the costing wrong so every one we sell, we lose money! (Yes folks, it happens!)
  • It is the Chairman’s idea and thus we don’t research it because whatever happens, we will launch it!
  • The target audience is too small or the occasion frequency too rare to achieve adequate rate of sale


    One of the most common is

    “I didn’t have enough budget”

    “If only I had more to spend”

A great challenge for every NPD launch is to assume you have no launch marketing budget (and this is true for many!) so, as a result

  • Your design must stand out
  • It must also immediately tell me why I need it and why it is better than what I bought last time?
  • You launch with an appropriate promotion - being on offer increases the shopper’s likelihood of buying you!

  (plus, of course, your product really performs so repeat purchase is a given!)

Examples of successful NPD without huge marketing spend include: