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The Promiscuous Shopper

Grocery shopping has radically changed in the last 10 years – gone for most shoppers is the weekly big shop done regularly at the same supermarket.

In a recent Cog study, the typical household was visiting 5 different retailers for their food shopping and shoppers are shopping more often. The big data suppliers used to call a shopper loyal if they spent 40% or more with a retailer - This is now 30%!

So what has driven the changes?

- More choice where to shop

- Improved competition

- Recession has made “saving money” a mainstream virtue – remember the days of the yuppies   “I don’t need to shop around, I’ve got loads of money!”

- Less rigid structure/planning in many households because

* “I don't want to plan ahead - I don’t know what I want to eat in a week!”

* “We live today, tomorrow – we don't buy for the week ahead!”

Let’s take Sally’s typical Food Shopping Week

Sally lives in a barn conversion on the edge of York. Her husband works away from home 2 or 3 nights a week but their two children, aged 16 and 21, are still living at home

Potential Implications

•The Big 4 Supermarkets need to change to prosper by:

- Specialisation - Doing specific areas better eg. Counters, in-store experience, NPD!

or - Increased focus on core attributes eg. Price, Service

or - Differentiate more radically eg. more innovative solutions

•Your brand/company needs to understand each of the different retail environments to be able to successfully motivate shoppers to buy you in each environment!

•Aldi and Lidl are flying high currently as are the Pound Shops but what next?