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The Netto in North Leeds

This new Netto has plenty of parking spaces being based on a small out of town Retail Park and within 200 yards of a Sainsbury’s Supermarket.

Although North Leeds is an affluent catchment area, the immediate catchment area for this store is below average affluence.

The Fresh Produce is good - It has a small display outside the store to highlight this area and in-store the display is colourful and abundant.  The Produce looks good quality and with keen pricing.

The Fresh Bakery is another positive feature - Again, highlighting and promoting the store’s Fresh credentials.

Overall, there is a strong Chilled presence, especially of Fridge Essentials such as Cooked Meat, Cheese, Bacon/Sausages and Milk/Yogurts, rather than Ready Meals etc. There are such products but a limited range.

The Fresh Meat looks good quality with a basic range and is displayed slightly differently in clear glass well chillers - Likewise, the Frozen Food is merchandised in similar style, glass well freezers.

It appeared to me that you could do a full shop across the store as it had all the expected areas eg. Household, Health & Beauty, Pet Food, Alcohol, Cupboard Food etc - However, in order to do so you would need to buy “Names” you had never heard of/experienced before such as “Summer Harvest” Bread/Rolls.

There are a number of big brands across the store, especially in Cupboard Foods (eg. Heinz Beans/Soup) and there is also 2 tiers of Netto Own Label - Easy, their value brand (shown here)and “Premier”, their premium tier. The Standard tier is less obviously own label, being a wide mix of “new” names such as Snaxters, Asian Kitchen and Summer Harvest.

As previously, there are a mix of strong offers “Spot Deals” - Food and Non-food items - These Non-food shelves reminded me of the unusual and different products which you used to come across in the old Netto Stores!


The Netto Store has the feel of a small basic supermarket with strong Fresh Produce and Chilled offer, with a smattering of well known brands and competitive prices overall and some great Spot Deals - However, in my opinion, it does not shout about prices in-store - but the proof is in the pudding - this week’s Grocer showed Netto’s prices were much lower than JS (over £10 on the basket selected) and it was pennies cheaper than Aldi!

Posted 18 November 2014 by Mike Armstrong