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“Occasions” Thinking

A different way to target/create greater focus for your brand/your category is “occasions”

Consumer typologies and product segmentation are other good techniques to focus attention but can be more difficult to implement - Occasions seem easier to act upon!

What is an “occasion”?

    -Lunchbox is an occasion


    Adult Lunchbox is a better definition


    Healthy Adult Lunchbox is even better



    -The more defined the occasion, the smaller the audience/value opportunity!


    Bigger occasions offer more sales potential!
Occasion thinking is applicable to the shopper as well as the consumer

    -In our extensive work with SPAR, we identified a series of specific Shopping Missions:

       *  Tonight’s Tea - Where the consumer is focused on what to buy for tonight’s main meal

       *  Food for now – Lunch is a typical example but also includes breakfast or snack to fuel me.

In our work with SPAR, we helped increase sales by identifying how to be better at each relevant Shopping Mission. For example, “hot” options in Food for now and Fresh Meat/Produce in Tonight’s Tea
We think there are 3 key steps to delivering growth from occasion thinking

1)  Know how big the occasion is?

           -Is it big enough to deliver you growth?

           -Is it growing?

2)  Understand the occasion for the consumer and/or shopper perspective

           -Who is the key audience(s)?

           -What is important to them?

           -What is the current best solution?

3)  What can you do “better” or additionally so your brand/product is the obvious choice?

           -When buying?

           -When using?