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Does Segmentation Help?

The obvious answer is yes but the reality is only if it is good, useable segmentation!

Segmentation is any form of thinking which allows you to focus more precisely -  It is traditionally associated with quantitative research, lots of statistics and creating consumer segments, but it can be: 

-  Qualitative based like our attitude to Healthy Eating Model:

Product based like the Fruit Model we developed with Sainsbury’s or the Biscuit Model which we developed with the whole industry many years ago! 


By understanding what Fruit competes with each other and which are more or less elastic in the amount households will consume if available at home, we were able to grow Sainsbury’s sales by over £25 Million a year!
Biscuits - Product type segmentation

In our original work in 1997, Healthy was less than 1% and many consumers were sceptical “If you’re on a diet, you shouldn’t be eating biscuits” “They’re just a con - they won’t succeed!” 


Consumer segmentation showed that there was an audience who wanted healthy and, over time, this segment has grown from niche to mainstream! From 1% in 1997 to 20% today!
Florette’s Successful Consumer Segmentations (Quantitative based)