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Does Segmentation Help?

The obvious answer is yes but the reality is only if it is good, useable segmentation!

“Occasions” Thinking

A different way to target/create greater focus for your brand/your category is “occasions”

The Promiscuous Shopper

Grocery shopping has radically changed in the last 10 years – gone for most shoppers is the weekly big shop done regularly at the same supermarket.

Why Does So Much NPD Fail?

This is a perennial questions amongst food marketeers and there are many answers.

Winning Over The Shopper

The Cog are shopper and consumer experts so we know the challenges you face?

Group Discussions are changing

In the last 5, 10 years, consumer research has changed radically.

The COG's Agency Spotlight in a 100 words!

The Cog is small but beautiful…

Shoppers are not rational!

Why is it okay for a consumer to buy Sausage Rolls in M&S when they don’t normally buy this category? “M&S is different!  M&S is better!  I’m

Why are consumers food shopping more often?

Is it because there are more suitable outlets to visit? Yes, there are more convenient outlets with growth of small supermarkets from all the Multiples but we think it is more to do with

Don't forget about shopper research!

Clients tell us despite researching well, lots of products fail when they are launched.  Often in our experience this is because their research lacked a shopper element – in a

Account specific research is key

To drive category growth (or even your brand’s growth) in a specific retailer, you need to focus on their shoppers and how they behave in-store at your fixture – even in the